[Oa-italia] Plos One nel 2010 la rivista piu' grande del mondo

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Lun 13 Lug 2009 10:11:23 CEST

>Date:    Mon, 6 Jul 2009 22:55:01 -0700
>From:    Heather Morrison <heatherm a ELN.BC.CA>
>Subject: The dramatic growth of PLoS One: soon-to-be world's largest journal
>PLoS One is projected to publish about 4,300 articles in 2009, making
>it the world's third largest journal (and already the world's largest
>non-physics journal). In 2010, PLoS One is anticipated to publish
>8,000 articles, which would make it the world's largest scholarly
>journal, by far.
>"In 2007, the journal published 1,231 articles; in 2008 it published
>2,722 articles. At current rates of growth, the journal is on track
>to publish over 4,300 articles in 2009 and assuming this growth
>continues at the same rate, in 2010 PLoS ONE could be publishing
>around 1% of all the articles listed in PubMed for that year (PubMed
>lists 803,00 published articles for 2008)". [i.e. 8,000 articles].
>Peter Binfield, PLoS One: background, future development, and article-
>level metrics, ELPUB 2009.
>One of the world's other really large journals - the American
>Physical Society's Physical Review D - is on the list of journals
>100% convertible to the SCOAP3 Open Access Consortium.  So it is
>entirely possible that TWO of the world's dozen largest journals will
>be fully open access within the next year or so.
>Thanks to Dana Roth on the American Scientist Open Access Forum for
>article counts for 2008.
>Details and a growth chart can be found at:
>Any opinion expressed in this e-mail is that of the author alone, and
>does not represent the opinion or policy of BC Electronic Library
>Network or Simon Fraser University Library.
>Heather Morrison, MLIS
>Author, Scholarly Communication for Librarians, Chandos Publishing 2009
>The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics

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