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Riporto un estratto di un messaggio recente a proposito dell'OA in varie
nazioni. L'Italia e' citata tramite il nostro attuale presidente del

Da un lato potrebbe sembrare confortante che all'estero si attribuiscano i
nostri problemi al premier, senza coinvolgere l'intera popolazione, ossia
che non si dica che gli italiani non sono favorevoli all'Open Access.
Dall'altro e' una pietosa bugia, perche' nessuno dei nostri politici, ne' a
destra ne' a sinistra ne' al centro, ha mai fatto qualcosa di significativo
in proposito, ad esclusione di poche eccezioni tipo Cortiana e comunque non
da posizioni influenti. 

Assistendo agli sforzi delle lobbies degli editori per affossare l'OA,
inclusa quella appena segnalata anche su questa lista relativa all'attacco
al mandato dei NIH, mi chiedo perche' una iniziativa come l'OA debba avere
maggior successo dei tentativi di distribuire meglio la ricchezza (e
l'acqua, il cibo, le risorse ecc) sul pianeta. 

Scusate il pessimismo ma gli anni passano ;-)


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From: "Falk Huettmann" <fffh a uaf.edu>
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Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 08:28:33 -0900
Subject: [BOAI]  Colonial history RE:  Re: Do we have a Spanish ennemy ?

Anyways, is it fair to say that none of the Mediterranean countries really
lead the global WWW and OA movement much ? Yes, I see the Spanish OA
efforts, but not beyond what is possible for a rich country (same is true
for many other nations; think of Norway for instance).


Can we say that S. Berlusconi, a leading EU figure, is not so much in favor
of Open Access really? And I am certain myself that A. Merkel knows
virtually nothing about computers and the WWW, and why it would matter.


In the U.S. we have a politician who stated something like "the Internet is
a Series of Tubes"; OA in his state goes accordingly (Peru has better
internet connections and public email infrastructure).

I agree we should move away from nationalism, but a couple of things are
rather clear, and so are the political responsibilities. They ought to be
cleaned up.

Let's overcome the DIGITAL DIVIDE foremost; swallow the national pride.

Naming things and responsible actors is fully in line with freedom of
speech. No doubt. It must not be constrained (as you tried here).

One (coming) aspect of OA is to re-define global citizenship and nations
(the latter is an outdated concept as such)! Global Village matters.

Suggest Spain and other countries could get their EU politicians and OA
infrastructure in order for sure, and then be proud of their actions for a
fair world using OA! 

That would make for a great start of a day indeed then!

Just my thoughts.

Very best


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