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giro alla lista questo importante call for papers di
Wolfram Horstmann per Open repositories 2010, che si terrą
a Madrid dal 6 al 9 Luglio.

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* Apologies for cross-posting *

Open Repositories 2010 -- "The Grand Integration Challenge"

Repositories have been successfully established -- within and
across institutions -- as a major source of digital
in a variety of environments such as research, education and
cultural heritage. In a world of increasingly dispersed and
modularized digital services and content, it remains a grand
challenge for the future to cross the borders between diverse

- the web and the repository,
- knowledge and technology,
- wild and curated content,
- linked and isolated data,
- disciplinary and institutional systems,
- scholars and service providers,
- ad-hoc and long-term access,
- ubiquitous and personalized environments,
- the cloud and the desktop.

The Open Repositories Conference (6 to 9-JUL-2010 in Madrid,
Spain) brings together individuals and organizations
for the conception, development, implementation, and
of digital repositories, as well as stakeholders who interact
with them for achieving the widest possible integration in
theoretical, practical, and strategic matters.

The program of papers, panel discussions, poster
user groups, workshops, and tutorials will reflect the whole
community of Open Repositories. Dedicated open source
community meetings for the major platforms (EPrints,
DSpace and
Fedora) will provide opportunities to advance and
coordinate the
development of repository installations across the world.

Submission Process

* Conference papers *
We welcome two- to four-page proposals for presentations or
panels that deal with theoretical, practical, or
issues of digital repositories. Abstracts of accepted
papers will  be made available through the conference's
web site; all
presentations and related materials used in the program
will be deposited in the upcoming virtual conference
of Open Repositories 2010.

* User Group Presentations *
Two- to four-page proposals for presentations or panels that
focus on use of one of the major repository platforms
DSpace and Fedora) are invited from developers, researchers,
repository managers, administrators and practitioners
novel experiences or developments in the construction and
use of

* Posters *
We invite developers, researchers, repository managers,
administrators and practitioners to submit one-page
proposals for  posters.

* Workshops and Tutorials *
Proposals for workshops require a submission as well and
can be
accommodated before or after the main conference. For
preparatory  inquiries about workshop facilities, please
contact the local
team at <alopezm a pas.uned.es>.

PLEASE submit your paper through the conference system . The
conference system will be linked from the conference web site
<http://or2010.fecyt.es/> and will be available for
as of January 15th, 2010.

The best-rated papers from the conference will be
published in the Journal of Digital Information

Important Dates and Contact Info

- 01-MAR-2010: Submission deadline (papers, user groups,
posters,  workshops, tutorials)
- 15-APR-2010: Notification of acceptance for conference
presentations, workshops/tutorials
- 01-MAY-2010: Notification of acceptance for user group
presentations and posters
- 06-JUL-2010: Conference start

--DSpace User Group Meeting Contact:  Valorie Hollister
<val a dspace.org>
--Fedora User Group Meeting Contact:  Thorny Staples
<tstaples a duraspace.org>
--EPrints User Group Meeting Chair: Les Carr
<lac a ecs.soton.ac.uk>
--Program Committee Chair: Wolfram Horstmann
<whorstmann a uni-bielefeld.de>
--Host Organizing Committee: Alicia Lopez Medina
<alopezm a pas.uned.es>

Conference Topics

The committee will consider any submission of sufficient
and originality that relates to the field of Open
In the general track, preference will be given to submissions
that relate to the theme of "The Grand Integration
Challenge" as
described in the introduction.

Please regard the following list as a selection of topics
indicates relevant fields.

- Data Curation / Data Archives
- Interoperability with Scholarly and Scientific Applications
- Interactions with Learning Environments
- Generic Workflows and Services
- Integrating Open Repositories with the Grid / Cloud
- Applications in Libraries/Archives
- Disciplinary Requirements

Do you have ideas that relate to different topics? Then
please go  ahead and address them in your submission!


The Program Committee of Open Repositories 2010

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