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Gio 20 Ago 2009 06:50:37 CEST

segnalo alla lista che a marzo 2009  stato lanciato il
progetto Study of Open Access Publishing (SOAP) finanziato
dall'Unione Europea all'interno del 7. Programma Quadro.

Obiettivi del progetto:

"Defining attributes that differentiate various business
models for open access and identifying the drivers that
motivate researchers in their desire for publication. OAP
is unsustainable unless it makes sense for both publisher
and researcher.
- Providing the European Commission, publishers and
funding agencies with the results of a comprehensive
survey of the attitudes of researchers in the European
Research Area. These will give real insight into the
demand and importance of OAP for its ultimate users.
- Applying the survey results to a range of specific
publishing scenarios. We will describe and analyse new OAP
solutions so that these may be emulated by other
publishers, institutions and communities in an orderly
transition to OAP wherever possible."

Durata: 24 mesi.

maria cassella

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