[Oa-italia] OA Publishing is OA, but OA is Not OA Publishing

Susanna Mornati mornati a cilea.it
Lun 29 Set 2008 11:31:39 CEST

Per gli appassionati di disquisizioni filosofiche di Harnad... 
altrimenti dette (con affetto) s---- mentali ;-)

Saluti, Susanna

>Date:    Sun, 28 Sep 2008 10:12:26 -0400
>From:    Stevan Harnad <amsciforum a GMAIL.COM>
>Subject: OA Publishing is OA, but OA is Not OA Publishing
>Many silly, mindless things have been standing in the way of the optimal and
>inevitable (i.e., universal OA) for years now (canards about permissions,
>peer review, preservation, etc.) , but perhaps the biggest of them is the
>persistent conflation of OA with OA publishing:
>OA means free online access to refereed journal articles ("gratis" OA means
>access only, "libre" OA means also various re-use rights).
>OA to refereed journal articles can be provided in two ways: by publishing
>in an OA journal that provides OA (OA publishing, "Gold" OA) or by
>publishing in a non-OA journals and self-archiving the article (Green OA).
>Hence Green OA, which is full-blooded OA, is OA, but it is *not* OA
>Hence the many OA mandates that are being adopted by universities and
>research funders worldwide are *not* Gold OA publishing mandates, they are
>Green OA mandates.
>It is not doing the OA cause, or progress towards universal OA one bit of
>good to keep portraying it as a publishing reform movement, with Gold OA
>publishing as its sole and true goal.
>The OA movement's sole and true goal is OA itself, universal OA.
>Whether or not universal OA will eventually lead to universal Gold OA
>publishing is a separate, speculative question.
>OA means OA, and OA publishing is merely one of the forms it can take.
>(I post this out of daily frustration at continuing to see OA spoken of as
>synonymous with OA publishing, and of even hearing Green OA self-archiving
>mandates misdescribed as "OA publishing mandates".)
>If only we could stop doing this conflation, OA would have a better chance
>of reaching the optimal and inevitable more swiftly.
>Your weary archivangelist,
>Stevan Harnad

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