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Giro alla lista questo interessante progetto di
conservazione e riuso dei dati derivati da ricerca
Ciao, buon lavoro
elena giglia

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PARSE.Insight - INSIGHT into issues of Permanent=20
Access to the Records of Science in Europe

The EU-project "PARSE.Insight - INSIGHT into=20
issues of Permanent Access to the Records of=20
Science in Europe" started its work in March=20
2008. Its areas of activity include long-term=20
digital preservation, the provision of raw=20
scientific data and its links to publications.

Raw scientific data is often scattered over a=20
number of research institutes and in many cases=20
is managed locally by the researchers themselves.=20
The rapid aging of data carriers, formats and=20
software and hardware environments means that=20
their long-term accessibility is under threat. In=20
many cases no preservation strategies exist for=20
this data. There is therefore a risk of losing=20
data which is of great significance for research.

The aim of PARSE.Insight is to draw up a roadmap=20
and recommendations to support the=20
e-Infrastructure for the digital preservation and=20
long-term accessibility of this raw academic=20
data. The project partners first analyze the=20
digital preservation methods and the communities=20
involved in the provision of raw academic data.=20
They then carry out a Europe-wide survey to=20
determine how raw academic data is currently=20
being archived. Three case studies are providing=20
specific and complementary information. The=20
results will be used as the basis for plugging=20
the gaps in the European e-Infrastructure with=20
regard to the long-term usability of raw=20
scientific data and then to devise a tool to=20
support EU investment and infrastructure=20
decisions aimed at ensuring long-term access to raw
scientific data.

Nine partners from the fields of libraries,=20
research, journalism and politics are working=20
together in PARSE-Insight. The project is scheduled to run
for two years.

Further information:=20


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