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Mer 2 Lug 2008 12:41:49 CEST

Vi segnalo che sul sito di ELPUB 2008
http://www.elpub.net/ sono giÓ disponibili gli atti della
conferenza tenutasi  a Toronto dal 25 al 27 giugno.
Tra gli articoli pi¨ interessanti ( ce ne sono molti)
questo contributo di tre colleghi finlandesi sul  numero
totale degli articoli OA disponibili in rete.

authors: Bj÷rk, Bo-Christer; Roosr, Annikki; Lauri, Mari
year: 2008
title: Global annual volume of peer reviewed scholarly
articles and the share available via different open access
source: ELPUB2008. Openness in Digital Publishing:
Awareness, Discovery and Access - Proceedings of the 12th
International Conference on Electronic Publishing held in
Toronto, Canada 25-27 June 2008 / Edited by: Leslie Chan
and Susanne Mornatti. ISBN 978-0-7727-6315-0, 2008, pp.

summary: A key parameter in any discussions about the
academic peer reviewed journal system is the number of
articles annually published. Several diverging estimates
of this parameter have been proposed in the past, and have
also influenced calculations of the average production
price per article, the total costs of the journal system
and the prevalence of Open Access publishing. With
journals and articles increasingly being present on the
web and indexed in a number of databases it has now become
possible to quite accurately estimate the number of
articles. We used the databases of ISI and Ulrichĺs as our
primary sources and estimate that the total number of
articles published in 2006 by 23 750 journals was
approximately 1 350 000. Using this number as denominator
it was also possible to estimate the number of articles
which are openly available on the web in primary OA
journals (gold OA). This share turned out to be 4.6 % for
the year 2006. In addition at least a further 3.5 % was
available after an embargo period of usually one year,
bringing the total share of gold OA to 8.1% Using a random
sample of articles, we also tried to estimate the
proportion of the articles published which are available
as copies deposited in e-print repositories or homepages
(green OA). Based on the article title a web search engine
was used to search for a freely downloadable full-text
version. For 11.3 % a usable copy was found. Combining
these two figures we estimate that 19.4 % of the total
yearly output can be accessed freely.
keywords scholarly publishing; scientific articles;
article output; open access

Circa il 20% degli articoli pubblicati mondialmente sono
OA considerando insieme quelli disponibili nei
repositories e quelli pubblicati attraverso la Gold Road.



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