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Maria Cassella maria.cassella a unito.it
Ven 11 Gen 2008 14:20:34 CET

Nel numero 3 novembre 2007 di Serials, la rivista dell'UKSG 
http://uksg.metapress.com/app/home/main.asp?referrer=default , sono 
stati pubblicati due interessanti articoli sull' Open Access e i 
depositi istituzionali. Sono accessibili perņ solo ai sottoscrittori. Ve 
li segnalo comunque.

> http://uksg.metapress.com/app/home/issue.asp?referrer=parent&backto=journal,1,60;homemainpublications,2,2;

Stephen Pinfield, *Can open access repositories and peer-reviewed 
journals coexist?*

It is often assumed that open access repositories and peer-reviewed 
journals are in competition with each other and therefore will in the 
long term be unable to coexist. This paper takes a critical look at that 
assumption. It draws on the available evidence of actual practice which 
indicates that coexistence is possible at least in the medium term. It 
discusses possible future models of publication and dissemination which 
include open access, repositories, peer review and journals. The paper 
suggests that repositories and journals may coexist in the long term but 
that both may have to undergo significant changes. Important areas where 
changes need to occur include: widespread deployment of repository 
infrastructure, development of version identification standards, 
development of value-added features, new business models, new approaches 
to quality control and adoption of digital preservation as a repository 


Sarah Watson, *Authors' attitudes to, and awareness and use of, a 
university institutional repository

This article reports the findings of an author study at Cranfield 
University. The study investigated authors' publishing behaviours, 
attitudes, concerns, and their awareness and use of their institutional 
repository (IR), Cranfield QUEprints. The findings suggest that despite 
a reasonable amount of advocacy many authors had not heard of QUEprints 
and were not aware of its purpose. Once explained, all authors saw at 
least one benefit to depositing a copy of their work to QUEprints, but 
many were unsure how to deposit, preferring to depend on the Library to 
do the work. The authors voiced few concerns or conditions regarding the 
inclusion of their work in QUEprints, but felt that it would be an 
extra, inconvenient step in their workload. This research led to the 
development of the Embed Project which is investigating how to embed the 
IR into the research process and thereby encourage more authors to 
deposit their work.



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