[Oa-italia] Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) e accesso aperto

Paola Gargiulo Paola.Gargiulo a caspur.it
Mar 4 Set 2007 21:42:47 CEST

Giriamo alla lista il messaggio di CIHR e la sua politica sull'OA.

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has just issued  this
Open access to health research publications: CIHR unveils new policy

Les Institutes de recherche et santé du Canada à publié pour  diffusion
Libre accès aux publications sur les recherches en santé : Les IRSC
lancent une nouvelle politique

Policy details in brief: 

"grant recipients must make every effort to ensure that their peer-
reviewed research articles are freely available as soon as possible
after publication...by depositing the article in an archive, such as
PubMed Central or an institutional repository, and/or by publishing
results in an open access journal. A growing number of journals  already
meet these requirements and CIHR-funded researchers are  encouraged to
consider publishing in these journals...grant  recipients are now
required to deposit bioinformatics, atomic, and  molecular coordinate
data, as already required by most journals, into  the appropriate public
database immediately upon publication of  research results.. Researchers
are encouraged to make use of the  SHERPA RoMEO Publisher Copyright
Policies and Self-Archiving service  to determine whether publishers
policies are compliant with the  policy, and the policy clarifies that
article processing fees for  open access publishing are an eligible
expense under the Use of Grant  Funds". 

Notable quotes from the Press Release:
Timely and unrestricted access to research findings is a defining
feature of science, and is essential for advancing knowledge and
accelerating our understanding of human health and disease," stated  Dr.
Alan Bernstein, President of the Canadian Institutes of Health
Research. "With the development of the internet it is now feasible to
disseminate globally and easily the results of research that we fund.
As a publicly-funded organization, we have a responsibility to ensure
that new advances in health research are available to those who need  it
and can use it - researchers world-wide, the public and policy  makers. 

This open access policy will serve as a model for other funding
agencies, said Dr. James E. Till of the Princess Margaret Hospital in
Toronto [Chair of the Task Force that developed this policy]. The
policy will leverage taxpayers' investment by accelerating research  and
by fostering its broader application. 

My comments on the CIHR policy as yet another example of Canadian
Leadership in the Open Access Movement:

The library community in Canada can be proud of our participation,
through strong pro-open access-submissions,  in the consultation
leading to this policy. 

Shawna Sadler
Coordinator, Digital Initiatives
Libraries and Cultural Resources
University of Calgary
Phone: (403) 220-3739
Email: ssadler a ucalgary.ca 


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