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Gentili colleghi,
vi giro la notizia del lancio di questa nuova risorsa "Biology of Image Library" di BioMed Central.
Si tratta di una collezione di 11,000 immagini nel campo della Biologia, istologia, biologia
molecolare e della cellula, neuroscienze ecc. Biology of Image Library e' una risorsa a pagamento.

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Press release from BioMed Central: for immediate release

BioMed Central Launches Biology Image Library
Online Resource for Biological Images will aid in Research and Education

BioMed Central today announced the launch of Biology Image
Library, an online resource that provides access to over 11,000
carefully selected biology-related images.  This is the latest
service from BioMed Central, part of the Science Navigation Group
of companies which was also responsible for the creation of
images.MD, a popular medical image resource.

The Library is a new subscription-based service offering access
to an annotated selection of high-quality biological images,
movies, illustrations and animations. Subscribers may make
royalty-free use of images in the collection for research and
educational purposes, while commercial usage rights will be
available for an additional fee.

"Biology Image Library will be an invaluable resource for
biological researchers and educators" said Matthew Cockerill,
Publisher, BioMed Central. "Researchers often maintain their own
collections of useful images, but until now there has been no
easy way for others to find them. By annotating the best images,
making them searchable and accessible, and licensing them to
allow convenient reuse, Biology Image Library will help academics
and other biologists to illustrate their work and to create
eye-catching presentations and course material."

Biology Image Library gives researchers, teachers and students an
easy way to find and download high-quality visual material.  All
content comes from sources that are peer-reviewed by academic
editors prior to publication online, so researchers can be sure
that the images are scientifically reliable.  Subjects covered
include developmental biology, histology & pathology, immunology,
microbiology & parasitology, molecular & cellular biology,
neuroscience and plant biology.

The Biology Image Library is continuously working to expand its
collection of images. Potential contributors should email:
info a biologyimagelibrary.com or see
http://www.biologyimagelibrary.com/contribute for more

To view Biology Image Library and register for a free trial,
visit www.biologyimagelibrary.com.


About BioMed Central

BioMed Central (http://www.biomedcentral.com) is an independent
online publishing house committed to providing immediate access
without charge to the peer-reviewed biological and medical
research it publishes. This commitment is based on the view that
open access to research is essential to the rapid and efficient
communication of science.

About Science Navigation Group

Science Navigation Group (http://www.sciencenavigationgroup.com)
is a group of companies providing biomedical community, maps and
navigation services.


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