[Oa-italia] PhysMath Central lancia il primo numero di PMC Physics A

Maria Cassella maria.cassella a unito.it
Ven 12 Ott 2007 09:10:55 CEST

PhysMath Central, la nuova piattaforma per la fisica, matematica e 
scienze informatiche lanciata da BioMed Central, annuncia il lancio dei 
primi articoli della rivista OA  PMC Physics A.

> http://www.physmathcentral.com/pmcphysa

PhysMath Central ha inoltre annuncitato il lancio a breve di una seconda 
rivista OA sempre nel campo della fisica: PMC Physics B.

Vi allego anche la press release che e' del due ottobre.

> Press release from BioMed Central: for immediate release 
> ==================================================== PhysMath Central 
> Takes Off with a Big Bang Momentum builds with launch of PMC Physics 
> B, first published research in PMC Physics A LONDON, October 2, 2007 - 
> PhysMath Central, BioMed Central's open access publishing platform for 
> the fields of physics, mathematics and computer science, today 
> announced that PMC Physics A, the first PhysMath Central journal, has 
> published its first research articles. The articles included a 
> groundbreaking study that could change the way physicists understand 
> dark matter. One of the first articles published in PMC Physics A 
> shares the results of a study conducted by Nikolaos Mavromatos of 
> King's College London and his colleagues Athanasios Lahanas and 
> Dimitri Nanopoulos, which found that the amount of dark matter left 
> over from the early universe may be less than previously believed. The 
> full research paper, along with others, can be read at 
> www.physmathcentral.com/pmcphysa. PhysMath Central also announces that 
> its second journal, PMC Physics B will be edited jointly by Prof. 
> Peter Hatton, Professor of Physics, Durham University, and Prof. Steve 
> Buckman of Australian National University. The new journal will focus 
> on condensed matter and atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) physics. 
> "This is exciting news for us as we continue our aim of bringing new 
> open access journals to all areas of physics," said Chris Leonard, 
> associate publisher, PhysMath Central. "We are very proud that 
> researchers of the calibre of Professors Hatton and Buckman have 
> agreed to be editors of PMC Physics B and look forward to publishing 
> our first papers in these most exciting areas of research." Professor 
> Peter Hatton is head of the condensed matter research group at the 
> University of Durham and has published more than 100 papers in neutron 
> scattering, orbital physics, resonant soft x-ray scattering, strongly 
> correlated electron systems, superconductors and x-ray scattering. In 
> addition to his research, Prof. Hatton also chairman of the I16 
> (Magnetism and Materials) beamline working party for DIAMOND, a new 
> synchrotron facility based in the UK - as well as being chairman of 
> the CCLRC Soft X-ray Diffractometer Project Management Committee. 
> Professor Stephen Buckman is Research Director of the Australian 
> Research Council's Centre of Excellence for Antimatter-Matter Studies, 
> focusing on absolute scattering measurements of low energy, 
> electron-driven processes in atoms and molecules, scattering from 
> excited atoms and molecules, and the elucidation of resonance 
> excitation mechanisms in electron collisions. He has been involved in 
> atomic and molecular physics research since completing his PhD at 
> Flinders University, Adelaide in 1979. Speaking of his new role, 
> Buckman said, "I am delighted to be working with PhysMath Central and 
> to be one of the editors for this ambitious journal. As well as 
> providing a open access option for scientists to publish their very 
> best work on condensed matter or AMO physics, we are particularly 
> excited to cover emerging areas which were traditionally at the 
> interface of one or the other discipline." Launched to meet the 
> increasing need for open access journals from major research 
> institutes (such as CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear 
> Research) and other funding organizations and government bodies, 
> PhysMath Central seeks to make research in physics, mathematics and 
> computer science more widely available and increase access to this 
> research to all institutes and individuals, free of subscription charges. 


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