[Oa-italia] OpenDOAR e' arrivato al millesimo repository

Susanna Mornati mornati a cilea.it
Ven 23 Nov 2007 09:43:08 CET

Ogni tanto una buona notizia ;-)
OpenDOAR censisce oggi 1000 repository.
Riporto di seguito l'annuncio originale.
Saluti, Susanna

Date:    Thu, 22 Nov 2007 09:00:17 -0000
From:    Smith Jane <Jane.H.Smith a NOTTINGHAM.AC.UK>
Subject: OpenDOAR hits 1000th Repository

The award winning SHERPA is delighted to announce that the OpenDOAR
directory now boasts 1000 repository entries from across the globe.=20

As OpenDOAR forms a major quality target resource for services such as
Intute RS and the Depot, 1000 entries is a significant step forward in
enabling the global virtual repository network to cooperate in new and
innovative ways.

OpenDOAR provides a comprehensive and authoritative list of
institutional and subject-based repositories. In addition it encompasses
archives set up by funding agencies like the National Institutes for
Health in the USA or the Wellcome Trust in the UK and Europe.

What is OpenDOAR?
OpenDOAR aims to create a bridge between repository administrators and
the service providers which "harvest" repositories. The typical service
provider is a search engine, indexing the material that is held. General
Internet searches often bring back too many "junk" results. Information
from OpenDOAR enables the search service to provide a more focussed
search by selecting repositories that are of direct interest to the user
- for example, all Australian repositories, or all repositories that
hold conference papers on chemistry. OpenDOAR can also be used by
researchers to check if their institution has a repository.

Each entry classifies whether archives hold research papers, conference
papers, theses and other academic materials that are available as "open
access". Some of these archives hold material on a single subject;
others are based in universities and hold information from across many
different subjects.

Each of the repositories listed by the OpenDOAR service has been visited
by project staff to ensure accuracy and precision of the gathered
information. This in-depth approach gives a quality-controlled list of
repository features.

Open access to information has grown rapidly as researchers and scholars
increasingly put their work on the web for free in these repositories.

Jane H Smith B.Sc (Hons) M.Sc
SHERPA Services Development Officer

Susanna Mornati, CILEA
Project Leader AEPIC, www.aepic.it
+39 02 2699 5322, +39 348 7090 226,
mailto:mornati a cilea.it, skype: susanna.mornati

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