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Pare proprio che non possiamo fare a meno di avere un mondo diviso in 2.
O forse volevi attirare l'attenzione sulla "messa 
in pratica" della firma istituzionale?
Entrambi i problemi meritano attenzione.


At 13.42 19/03/2007, Maria Cassella wrote:
>Non mi sembra che questa notizia sia circolata 
>su questa lista, per quanto sono certa che molti 
>di voi l'avranno gia' letta su diverse liste di discussione.
>Buona giornata a tutti
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>From: Stevan Harnad <harnad a ecs.soton.ac.uk>
>To: BOAI Forum <boai-forum a ecs.soton.ac.uk>
>Subject: [SPAM] US and EU Both Have Petitions for OA Mandates
>Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 20:37:10 EDT
>                      ** Cross-Posted **
>The US Alliance for Tax-Payer Access and other sponsors have just
>launched a US counterpart to the highly successful and
>still-growing EU Petition calling for Open Access to be mandated
>by research funders and institutions.
>      US Petition: http://www.publicaccesstoresearch.org/
>      EU Petition: http://www.ec-petition.eu/
>The EU Petition already has over 23,000 signatories, including
>over 1000 organisations (universities, research funders,
>academies of sciences, scholarly societies, research and
>development industries, publishers).
>If you are officially signing for an organisation, please don't
>just sign the petition! Do locally what you are petitioning for:
>Adopt an OA self-archiving mandate at your institution, as the
>Rector of the University of Liege, Professor Bernard Rentier has
>just done (see below) and register your mandate in ROARMAP (the
>Registry of Open Access Material Archiving Policies):
>      http://www.eprints.org/openaccess/policysignup/
>Liege's is the latest of 9 institutional mandates, 3 departmental
>mandates, and 11 research funder mandates already adopted
>worldwide, plus 5 funder mandates and 1 multi-institution mandate
>Not only has Universite de Liege adopted a Green OA
>self-archiving mandate, but it has adopted the ID/OA
>(Immediate-Deposit/Optional-Access) mandate recommended by EURAB
>and specifically designed to immunise the policy from all the
>permissions problems (imagined and real) and embargoes that have
>been delaying adoption of Green OA mandates or have led to the
>adoption of sub-optimal mandates (that allowed deposit to be
>delayed or not done at all, depending on publisher policy).
>      Generic Rationale and Model for University Open Access Self-Archiving
>      Mandate: Immediate-Deposit/Optional Access (ID/OA)
>      http://openaccess.eprints.org/index.php?/archives/71-guid.html
>      EURAB's Proposed OA Mandate: Strongest of the 20 Adopted and 5
>      Proposed So Far
>      http://openaccess.eprints.org/index.php?/archives/196-guid.html
>The key to the ID/OA mandate's success and power is that it
>separates the mandatory component (deposit of the final
>peer-reviewed draft immediately upon acceptance for publication
>-- no delays, no exceptions) from the access-setting component.
>(Immediate setting of access to the deposit as Open Access is
>strongly recommended, but not mandatory: provisionally setting
>access as Closed Access is an allowable option where judged
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