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> Contact: Brenna McLaughlin
> 212-989-1010 x24, bmclaughlin a aaupnet.org
> Nonprofit Scholarly Publishers Call for Exploration of Open Access
> Models to Improve Scholarly Communications
> NEW YORK (February 27, 2007) - Discussions of the concept of open
> access to scholarly information are increasingly marked by highly
> charged rhetoric and an unfortunate polarization of opinion. The
> Association of American University Presses (AAUP) released a
> statement today outlining the association's perspective on what
> has become known as open access, and hopes to help steer the
> debate towards productive solutions that will best serve the
> entire scholarly community.
> Read the complete statement online at:
> http://aaupnet.org/aboutup/issues/oa/statement.pdf
> Until quite recently, the debate has centered on one type of
> scholarly literature, scientific, technical, and medical (STM)
> journal articles, and one particular definition, entirely
> free-to-user, of "open access." AAUP believes that the
> conversation should expand to address the different creation and
> distribution needs of scholarly literature in all fields and
> formats, including monographs, and to consider a variety of
> models for providing open access-all of which entail risks and
> benefits to the entire system of scholarly communications that
> are not yet fully understood.
> Knowledge carries costs for its production, and requires-in
> addition to the scholar's own work-knowledgeable editorial
> selection and careful vetting, and-regardless of a final digital
> or print format-quality in copyediting, design, production, and
> distribution. Many universities and scholarly societies have made
> significant investments in their presses and in the professional
> expertise of publishing staffs in order to support the spread of
> knowledge worldwide. Changing the system of scholarly
> communications requires us to take careful stock of the costs of
> doing so-not just for presses, but for parent universities,
> scholarly societies and their members, and all other universities
> and research institutions that benefit from the distribution of
> scholarship.
> The AAUP recognizes that non-profit scholarly publishers have an
> obligation to confront the economic, legal, technological, and
> philosophical challenges to the existing system. Indeed, while
> proud of their past achievements, university presses and
> scholarly societies have never been averse to change. Being
> embedded in the culture of higher education that values
> experimentation and advances in knowledge, presses have been open
> to new ways of facilitating scholarly communications. Many AAUP
> members have begun experimenting with varieties of open access
> that seek to balance the mission of scholarly exchange with its
> costs. The AAUP and its member presses welcome the opportunity to
> participate with all willing partners to expand and strengthen
> scholarly communications, to serve our mission and to improve the
> system for all.
> The complete statement is online at:
> http://aaupnet.org/aboutup/issues/oa/statement.pdf
> The Association of American University Presses (AAUP) is a
> membership organization representing 112 not-for-profit scholarly
> publishers in the United States and an additional 15
> international scholarly publishers. These publishers are
> affiliated with research universities, scholarly societies,
> foundations, museums, and other research institutions. The
> mission of AAUP members is to serve an effective and creative
> system of scholarly communications and advance the knowledge of
> all peoples through their publications. The AAUP assists our
> members' fulfilment of this mission through services and
> advocacy.
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> Brenna McLaughlin
> Communications Manager
> Association of American University Presses
> 71 West 23rd Street, 901
> New York, NY 10010
> 212-989-1010, x24
> 212-989-0275 fax
> bmclaughlin a aaupnet.org
> http://aaupnet.org
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