[Oa-italia] recensione di Peter Jancso sull'archivio disciplinare e-lis

Paola Gargiulo paola.gargiulo a caspur.it
Mar 3 Lug 2007 16:25:01 CEST

Una recensione molto positiva dell'archvio e-lis e' apparsa sul sito di 
Thomson Gale nella rubrica curata da Pete Jancso

    Péter's Digital Reference Shelf


Ecco qualche estratto dalla recensione

...........The most remarkable feature of E-LIS is its genuinely 
international coverage <http://eprints.rclis.org/view/countries/>. Of 
course, this means that there are many non-English language documents in 
the repository, but for many in the Spanish and German-speaking 
countries, the Spanish and German language documents are as good if not 
better (or more pertinent) than the English language documents.

There were 5,800 papers in the repository at the end of May, 2007. 2,045 
of them are in Spanish; about 1,900 in English; and the rest are in more 
than a dozen other languages. Researchers reading Spanish, Italian or 
Portuguese can at least have a good sense of the documents in any of 
these languages. This is not idle polyglot talk. I was an “Italianista” 
in high school, studying Italian language and culture, and can read 
Spanish and Portuguese information science literature pretty well. This 
linguistic internationalism also implies a strong coverage of authors 
from countries beyond the usual Anglo-Saxon world, especially those from 
Spain (1,131), Italy (682), Cuba (465), India (395), and Mexico (219). 
The presence of Turkish, German, Argentine, Serbian, Croatian, Austrian 
and Swiss authors’ work also is significant.

E le conclusioni
...This service has seen impressive and steady growth 
in documents as well as in usage 
On the first day of June there were already 2,534 abstracts viewed and 
863 papers downloaded well before the end of the day 
There were more than 150,000 full-text downloads in May, 2007 alone, a 
record number in the history of E-LIS. The most abstracts were viewed in 
June, 2006.

My words in this case may not have enough credit, however, because so 
far I have not posted my own papers at E-LIS. Given the usage 
statistics, and the quality of the archive, I promise that I will try to 
catch up with this by the end of the summer, and join many of my peers 
who have contributed to this outstanding resource, which apparently is 
of great and constant interest for many in the LIS field.

Complimenti davvero alla redazione di E-lis e al team di Aepic!

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