[Oa-italia] Canadian Library Association Moves Open Access

Paola Gargiulo paola.gargiulo a caspur.it
Mar 3 Lug 2007 15:59:29 CEST

Vi invio il messaggio inoltrato da Heather Morrison, sostenitrice 
dell'OA in Canada, e  blogger di Oa Librarian 
e di Imaginary journal of poetics economics 

mi sembra senza dubbio interessante quanto accade in Canada con 
riferimento all'accesso aperto e alle pubblicazioni dell'associazione 
delle biblioteche canadesi.
So che il messaggio e' arrivato anche all'AIB e ad AIDA.


**  with apologies for duplication  **

  From today's CLA Digest:

CLA Moves Open Access

CLA Executive Council has approved some recommendations from the
Open Access Task Force that move CLA towards providing virtually
all of its intellectual property free of charge, in digital form,
online and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. The
revised policy has four parts:

CLA will provide for full and immediate open access for all CLA
publications, with the exception of Feliciter and monographs The
embargo period for Feliciter is one issue, and the embargo policy
itself will be reviewed after one year. Monographs will be
considered for open access publishing on a case-by-case basis.

CLA actively encourages its members to self-archive in
institutional and/or disciplinary repositories and will
investigate a partnership with E-LIS, the Open Archive for
Library and Information Studies.

CLA will generally provide for the author's retention of
copyright by employing Creative Commons licensing or
publisher-author agreements that promote open access. CLA will
continue its long-standing policy of accessibility to virtually
all CLA information except for narrowly defined confidential
matters (e.g. certain personnel or legal matters).

The Task Force's Report is available at:

Heather Morrison
Convenor, CLA Task Force on Open Access
heatherm a eln.bc.ca

Any opinion expressed in this e-mail is that of the author alone, and
does not reflect the opinion or policy of BC Electronic Library
Network or Simon Fraser University Library.

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