[oa-italia] Fw: Pit-Bulls vs. Petitions: A Historic Time for Open Access

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Mar 30 Gen 2007 18:00:48 CET

Nel messaggio che vi allego di seguito, Stevan Harnad ha compilato un elenco
dettagliato degli enti di riferimento e delle qualifiche dei firmatari della
petizione europea a sostegno dell'OA, sia a livello individuale che
istituzionale.  Le firme sono al momento 13.600
Benedetta Alosi

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Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 3:45 PM
Subject: Pit-Bulls vs. Petitions: A Historic Time for Open Access

>         ** Apologies for Cross-Posting **
> Dear all,
> Tempting as it is to keep chattering about pit-bulls and commercial
> venality
>     http://www.nature.com/news/2007/070122/full/445347a.html
> could we perhaps refocus on something far, far more important and
> that is going on at the moment? This is where today's real historic Open
> Access (OA) developments are transpiring:
>     http://www.ec-petition.eu/
> The petition in support of the European Commission's Proposal to
> mandate OA self-archiving has already amassed 13,000 signatures in 13
> days and is still growing. It is being signed not only by individual
> grassroots researchers but by universities, learned societies, scientific
> academies:
>     Rectors/principals of research organisations (51)
>     Heads of university/research institution departments or schools (44)
>     International societies or research-based organisations (38)
>     National societies or research-based organisations (35)
>     Research-based or research-centred charities/foundations (21)
>     National or international research funding bodies (8)
>     National academies (3)
>     Rectors' Conferences/University associations (2)
>     Government departments (2)
> The petition is also being signed by institutional libraries, research
> organisations and publishers:
>     Institutional libraries (144)
>     R&D-based companies (66)
>     Publishers (30)
>     International or national library organisations (26)
>     National ICT organisations (11)
>     Museums (research-based) (2)
> Please consult http://www.ec-petition.eu/ as these figures are
> changing by the minute. (And if you or your organisation support the OA
> mandate proposals, please sign too.)
> In addition to this petition in support of proposed mandates (of which
> the EC's is one, but of course the United States has a huge proposed
> mandate pending too: the FRPAA), the number of actually adopted mandates
> is growing steadily too (and will no doubt be accelerated by the
> growth of the EC petition):
> ROARMAP now lists 58 registered OA policies, 27 mandates (21 adopted,
> 6 proposed)
>     http://www.eprints.org/signup/fulllist.php
> 11 institutional and departmental mandates:
>     AUSTRALIA* institutional-mandate Queensland U. Technology
>     AUSTRALIA* institutional-mandate U. Tasmania
>     EUROPE* institutional-mandate CERN: European Org Nuclear Res
>     INDIA* institutional-mandate Nat Inst Tech Rourkela
>     INDIA* institutional-mandate Bharathidasan U.
>     PORTUGAL* institutional-mandate Universidade do Minho
>     SWITZERLAND* institutional-mandate U. Zurich
>     AUSTRALIA* departmental-mandate U. Tasmania School of Computing
>     FRANCE* departmental-mandate Lab Psych Neurosci Cognitives
>     UNITED KINGDOM* departmental-mandate U Southampton Dept ECS
>     UNITED KINGDOM* departmental-mandate Brunel Univ Sch Info Sys Comp
> 10 funder mandates:
>     AUSTRALIA* funder-mandate Australian Res Cncl
>     AUSTRALIA* funder-mandate National Health and Medical Res Cncl
>     UNITED KINGDOM* funder-mandate Arthritis Res Foundation
>     UNITED KINGDOM* funder-mandate Biotech Bio Sci Res Cncl (BBSRC)
>     UNITED KINGDOM* funder-mandate Chief Sci Off (Scottish Exec Health)
>     UNITED KINGDOM* funder-mandate Economic and Social Res Cncl (ESRC)
>     UNITED KINGDOM* funder-mandate Medical Res Cncl (MRC)
>     UNITED KINGDOM* funder-mandate National Environmental Res Cncl (NERC)
>     UNITED KINGDOM* funder-mandate Particle Phys & Astron Res Cncl (PPARC)
>     UNITED KINGDOM* funder-mandate Wellcome Trust
> 6 funder mandate proposals:
>     CANADA* proposed funder-mandate  Can Insts Health Res (CIHR)
>     EUROPE* proposed funder-mandate  European Res Advisory Board (EURAB)
>     EUROPE* proposed funder-mandate  European Res Cncl (ERC)
>     EUROPE* proposed funder-mandate European Commission
>     UNITED STATES* proposed funder-mandate Fed Res Pub Access Act (FRPAA)
>     UNITED STATES* proposed funder-mandate  Nat Insts  Health (NIH)
> And the FRPAA proposal already has the support of most of the US
> presidents and provosts:
>     http://www.taxpayeraccess.org/frpaa/index.html
> So let us accelerate OA's now-unstoppable progress toward the optimal and
> inevitable. The sterile debates of the past are behind us.
> Stevan Harnad
> American Scientist Open Access Forum

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