[Oa-italia] eIFL Handbook on Copyright and Related Issues for Libraries

Paola Gargiulo Paola.Gargiulo a caspur.it
Dom 21 Gen 2007 15:36:24 CET

"Scusate per la distribuzione su piu' liste*
E' stato pubblicato da EiFL*  un manuale  sul copyright  (con particolare 
riferimento alle risorse elettroniche e all'Accesso aperto)  ad uso per le 
blblioteche sponsorizzato dall'UNESCO. EiFl invita a farlo circolare e farne 
traduzioni in altre lingue.
PS EifL (Electronic Information for libraries) e' una fondazione non a scopo 
di lucro che aiuta i paesi delle cosidette "'economie in transizione" nella 
contrattazione delle risorse elettroniche, nel favorire trattative 
consortili in questi paesi, inoltre sostiene iniziative sull'accesso aperto 
in questi paesi.

Dear friends, 

The eIFL Handbook on Copyright and Related Issues for Libraries has
recently been launched. Sponsored by the UNESCO Information for All
Programme, this is a practical guide to topical legal questions
affecting the information work of libraries in the fast moving digital
environment. Each topic is described briefly, the main policy aspects
for libraries are outlined, and there are links to library policy
statements for further reading. Where there are special issues for
developing or transition countries, these are covered. The topics are 

 - the Relationship between Copyright and Contract Law: Electronic
Resources and Library Consortia;
 - Technological Protection Measures - the "triple lock";
 - Copyright, the Duration of Protection and the Public Domain;
 - Orphaned works;
 - Collective Rights Management;
 - Public lending right;
 - the Database Right - Europe's Experiment;
 - Creative Commons: an "open content" licence;
 - Open Access to Scholarly Communications;
 - Copyright and Trade Agreements;
 - International Policy Making: a Development Agenda for WIPO;
 - National Policy Making: Advocating for Fair Copyright Laws. 

Please circulate this message to your lists. The complete Handbook, as
well as the individual topics, are available for download on the eIFL
website: http://www.eifl.net/services/handbook.htm 

We encourage translations and re-use. 

I hope the Handbook is useful and I will be glad of any feedback. 

Teresa Hackett

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