[Oa-italia] versione alfa di OAI-ORE

Susanna Mornati mornati a cilea.it
Mer 12 Dic 2007 18:41:20 CET

Oggi e' una giornata ricchissima!
Altro regalo di natale: le specifiche (alfa) di OAI-ORE, il nuovo 
standard per lo scambio e il riutilizzo degli oggetti digitali 
(dunque non solo i metadati come previsto da OAI-PMH). Vi inoltro 
l'annuncio di Herbert Van de Sompel con le informazioni per la discussione.

Susanna Mornati

>From: Herbert Van de Sompel <herbertv a lanl.gov>
>Subject: [OAI-implementers] release of alpha OAI-ORE documents
>Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 13:52:15 -0700
>To: OAI-implementers <oai-implementers a oaisrv.nsdl.cornell.edu>
>Dear all,
>We are pleased to announce the public alpha release of the OAI 
>Object Reuse and Exchange (OAI-ORE) User Guide and Specification 
>documents. These are now available at http://openarchives.org/ore/toc.
>These documents are the result of over a year of effort by a large 
>group of people. We now seek your feedback on their contents, as 
>part of our effort to transition these documents to beta and then 
>final production release.
>We have set up a Google Group to discuss these documents. We welcome 
>your comments there, and request your help in keeping these comments 
>and the resulting discussion productive and focused. The URL of the 
>Google Group is http://groups.google.com/group/oai-ore. You will 
>also find this URL in the header note in the OAI-ORE documents.
>You may also send mail to ore a openarchives.org, but we request you 
>use this only for private comments to the editors. Our goal is to 
>keep this discussion public.
>Finally, we'd like to remind you of two upcoming events related to OAI-ORE:
>1. March 3rd 2008, John Hopkins University: USA ORE Open Meeting. 
>Register at http://www.regonline.com/oai-ore (limited to 150). 
>Supported by Microsoft.
>2. April 4th 2008, University of Southampton: European ORE Open 
>Meeting. In conjunction with Open Repositories 2008. Registration 
>not yet available. Supported by JISC.
>Carl Lagoze & Herbert Van de Sompel on behalf of the OAI-ORE effort
>Herbert Van de Sompel
>Digital Library Research & Prototyping
>Los Alamos National Laboratory, Research Library
>tel. +1 505 667 1267
>OAI-implementers mailing list
>OAI-implementers a openarchives.org

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