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Buongiorno a tutti,
vi inoltro questa notizia che puo' essere di interesse per chi gestisce
repositories di materiale didattico.
Susanna Mornati

>Date:    Sat, 8 Dec 2007 17:14:25 +0000
>From:    John Casey <John.Casey a UHI.AC.UK>
>Subject: Guide to Managing IPR in Digital Repositories
>Dear Colleagues,
>The final outputs of the JISC TrustDR project are now available.
>Managing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Digital Learning
>Materials: A Development Pack for Institutional Repositories
>Authors: John Casey, Jackie Proven & David Dripps
>Distributed under a Creative Commons License - Attribution 2.5 UK:
>Download from:
>The pack is aimed at those who are setting up or running digital
>collections of learning materials that are managed at an institutional
>level. It is written in a clear and straightforward style that sets out
>to persuade the reader of the benefits of engaging with the issues
>associated with IPR in e-learning. The approach taken is based on the
>idea that the organisation of an IPR policy in e-learning should reflect
>and support the educational activity instead of hinder it * and that
>means understanding *the business of e-learning*. To do this it paints a
>compelling picture of an educational sector in the process of changing
>from traditional ad-hoc models of teaching to a more sustainable,
>team-based model  * driven by increased student numbers, a greater focus
>on learners needs, and increased requirements for flexible delivery with
>the increasing use of digital media and technologies.
>The pack is useful and unusual in that it situates its analysis and
>advice specifically in the highly relevant context of the professional
>and institutional process change that is required to introduce and
>extend flexible learning opportunities in our education systems * a
>common scenario that raises many IPR challenges. It surveys the current
>confused and contradictory practises in UK education and suggests that
>these practices reflect a situation where e-learning is not yet
>effectively integrated into our institutions. It also highlights a lack
>of involvement and leadership by senior management.
>The authors argue strongly that sorting out the IPR policy for
>e-learning can be a way of getting senior management to engage more
>effectively with the educational and organisational changes that are
>needed to make e-learning work. Clarifying IPR policy therefore becomes
>an enabler for best practice. Looked at in this light - to be able to
>account for the provenance of content in e-learning materials is really
>a matter of individual academic integrity and for institutional quality
>control. Another central argument deals with the relative values of
>teaching activity by humans and the role of learning materials content,
>and again the pack promotes the development of policies that properly
>reflect these values.
>The format of the development pack is a central document of about 70
>pages linked to other resources; it is designed to allow the reader to
>dip in and out or to explore themes in greater depth. The pack functions
>both as a personal training manual and as an organisational development
>tool, it includes:
>A Beginners guide to IPR in e-learning
>Discussion of the pros and cons of using Creative Commons licences
>Useful of tools to help analyse your situation and development needs
>A collection of common IPR mistakes made by institutions
>Overview of the relevant technical factors
>An introduction and guide to Risk Management
>Discussion of the kinds business models associated with the use of
>creative commons licences
>Understanding and assessing the value of learning materials
>A practical guide to implementing flexible learning (published by the
>Tools for understanding and modelling organisational and professional
>Policy discussion and development documents for use at institutional and
>national levels
>Scenarios/ case studies
>The TrustDR (Trust in Digital Repositories) project was charged with
>developing practical solutions to the problem of managing IPR in
>collections of digital learning materials. The work was carried out
>between 2005 and 2007 and was led by Ulster University, Northern
>Ireland, in collaboration with the UHI Millennium Institute, Scotland.
>The project website can be found at:
>Best Wishes
>John Casey
>Project Manager TrustDR project
>john.casey a uhi.ac.uk
>after November 07:
>john.casey a ed.ac.uk

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