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Inoltro, dalla lista lis-e-resources, la notizia della disponibilitÓ della nuova interfaccia di DOAJ, con nuove funzionalitÓ, e i dati, secondo me significativi, sulla quantitÓ di articoli ora disponibili attraverso quell'indice.

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Oggetto: [lis-e-resources] DOAJ reaches new milestones

March 12th 2013
DOAJ reaches new milestones:
We have just completed the transition to a new environment and launched 
a new platform with integrated functionality for sharing, exporting and 
enhanced search/browse functionality: at the article level, search 
results can be filtered by language and publication year  and by license 
and publication fee; at the journal level, you can filter by subject, by 
country, by license and by publication fees. These facets will be 
developed further in the months to come. (Read more about our 
enhancements on our home page: www.doaj.org <http://www.doaj.org>.)
We are also very proud to announce that the DOAJ has reached two 
important milestones:

 1. For the first time since launch in 2003, more than 50% of the
    journals are providing metadata at article level.We will continue to
    work with the 2000+ publishers to increase this figure.
 2. More than 1 million articles are now searchable in DOAJ which means
    more than 1 million article-level metadata entriesare available for
    harvesting!We expect this figure to increase significantly in the
    months to come.

We continue to work with key stakeholders to agree on and implement new, 
tighter criteria for the inclusion of journals in the DOAJ: critieria 
that will address issues of quality and openness, as well as other kinds 
of information about the journals.
We are very excited about these developments and we are grateful for the 
continued support from the community. We always need more support so we 
can continue to provide a better service, so please consider 
For more information, please contact Lars Bj°rnshauge 
<mailto:lars a doaj.org>or Dom Mitchell <mailto:dom a doaj.org>
The Directory of Open Access Journals is provided by IS4OA 
<http://www.is4oa.org>in cooperation with SemperTool 

On behalf of the DOAj-team,
Lotte Jorgensen
Managing Editor

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