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Ven 6 Giu 2008 16:35:59 CEST

Il Research Information Network britannico ha pubblicato in maggio uno
studio dal titolo Activities, costs and funding flows in scholarly
Si tratta si uno studio che cerca di analizzare il "sistema" comunicazione
scientifica, misurando i costi a partire dalla produzione fino alla

Dall'articolo su Times Higher Education che ne parla:

The advancement of the academy's collective body of knowledge has
traditionally been held to be reward enough for the time and effort put
into peer review.

But a new report has attempted to quantify in cash terms exactly what peer
reviewers are missing out on. It puts the worldwide unpaid cost of peer
review at £1.9 billion a year, and estimates that the UK is among the most
altruistic of nations, racking up the equivalent in unpaid time of £165
million a year.

The report shows that a move to electronic-only publishing would bring a
fall of about £1 billion (12 per cent) in global costs. A move towards
author-pays open access publishing, on top of the cost reductions arising
from a move to electronic publishing, could bring global savings of £556


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